Visualise Your Health And Fitness Goals

April 25, 2016

“How do I get fitter, healthier, amd more energised?”

A question, in my job, I get asked most days.

Most people though have no clear vision of the new them.

They don’t set goals.

They don’t take time to sit and contemplate on how they
want to be.

This very often leads to people giving up on physical
activity and saying,

“Exercise isn’t for me!”

Initially full of gusto, training four or five times
a week, they try and do everything at once.

However, with no specific vision to lead them, with
muddled (or no) goals, they soon tire of their new
regime and revert back to old ways.

The result of this?

They never get to experience the long term benefits
of physical activity which is a total shame!


My advice to clients is to forget the actual physical
aspects and first gain a clear target to aim for.

Often, for example, the target is weight loss.


I then often advise people to, on a daily basis,
sit down and picture themselves as they would
LIKE to be.

If, on the other hand, they want to be a better
runner I advise them to first see themselves AS
that better runner, that new and improved version
of themselves!

The whole idea is to get a crystal clear image of
the goal and then add focused intention to this
image that ultimately translates into physical


Try this easy to perform exercise to get focused
on, and excited about, your fitness goal now.

Learn to add LIFE to your goals in your mind BEFORE
you even take physical action.

1. Sit (or lie) somewhere peaceful.

2. Bring deep breathing into play. Place your hands on your belly and perform five deep breaths. Feel

yourself become calm and focused. Your eyes are closed.

3. Bring into your mind your goal. Initially see it lifeless and without energy.

4. Hold this image in your mind and start to add breathing into the equation. As you inhale see this image become more vibrant. Breathe colour and vitality into this image.

5. View yourself as having achieved the goal and become excited about how actually achieving it will feel. Allow your breathing to be the catalyst for this change in your mind. You are literally adding LIFE to what was, initially, a dormant image.

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